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SF&F Roleplaying Anthology from Erewhon Books


Call for Submissions

Thank you for your interest in Erewhon Books' anthology of science fiction and fantasy roleplaying games. Here is some information about the project. If you would like to submit a game for consideration, there is a link to the submission/pitch form at the bottom of this page.

  • Payment: We will pay a good rate for all games in this anthology. The rate is TBD, pending more research and discussions with designers and publishers, but we'll discuss it with anyone whose games we are interested in including.

  • Originals vs. Reprints? We will include both games that are new to this collection (games pitched to us directly and not posted or published elsewhere. Convention playtesting is okay) and reprints (games that have been published on a retail site, your website or social media, or as part of a design competition or anthology). If you wish to submit a game that has not yet been translated to English, treat it as an original pitch.

  • Systems and hacks: We're looking for projects that are standalone/self-contained, so nothing that requires knowledge of or reference to another system. Reskins or hacks of other games or systems are okay as long as you can get full permission (in writing) from the original designer.

  • Format: All games should be primarily analog and intended for in-person play, but can include digital or internet variants. We hope to include some tabletop RPGs, some larps, and some hybrid forms.

  • Length: Most games will be in the short-to-medium range (about 2-20 pages, not counting support materials such as character sheets, schedules, &c; or 1-6 hours of play), but we may go longer for games we really like.

  • Multiple submissions? We probably won't publish more than one game per designer (not counting participation in designer groups), but it's okay to submit more than one, as long as you complete a response form for each game. Please don't flood us, though—let's say a max of 5 submissions each.

  • Timeline: We will keep this form open until and look at all responses submitted before July 15, 2019 (and possibly beyond, depending on response). We will work with comissioned designers to figure out timelines for writing their game.

  • Responses: If you complete the linked form and reach the confirmation page, the project has been submitted. Unfortunately, we can't promise to respond to all submissions, but we will contact you by a month after the form closure (currently August 15, 2019) if we're interested.

  • Editing: Liz Gorinsky (anthology editor) is a Hugo-Award-winning speculative fiction editor as well as a game designer, facilitator, and player. Liz will work with all designers to make sure the games are understandable and playable by both experienced analog gamers (both TTRPG players and larpers) and science fiction and fantasy fans who are new to games of this type.

  • To get a sense of the themes, tones, and writing styles we especially enjoy, please see our general submissions guidelines.

  • Erewhon Books does not discriminate. We are especially interested in publishing designers from underrepresented backgrounds (including but not limited to race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status/class, age, mental or physical ability, or religion), games with underrepresented characters and settings, and works of feminist, queer, or sociopolitical interest.

If you would like to submit a game for consideration, please do so via this Google form.

If you have questions outside the scope of this form, feel free to ask Liz at Dreamation or contact us via the link at the top of this page.